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Free Toolbars

A toolbar is an add on for your browser, most often, Internet Explorer. Most toolbars are free and offer customizable interfaces, enhancing and simplifying your surfing experience. A wide array of free toolbars are easily available.

SEO Tips:

Using Toolbars To Enhance The SEO Process  & Monitor Progress

The Google and Alexa toolbars are amongst the most popular to web masters and search engine positioning specialists.

The Google highlight feature allows one to highlight specific terms throughout a page. This option is useful in checking the placement and density of keyword phrases throughout a web page and competing web pages.  The Google PageRank bar enables users to get an idea of the amount of importance that Google places on a specific page. The Google Toolbar can be downloaded at

The Alexa Toolbar offers a few unique features that allow web masters and SEO’s to critique various aspects of web sites. The traffic rank score gives an idea of how much traffic a web site is receiving. Alexa also offers information about the average number of page views during daily, weekly and quarterly updates.  Additional information such as how fast the load time of a web site is, the age of the site and other related web sites is also provided by further investigating the Alexa toolbar features.  The Alexa Toolbar can be downloaded at

The Alexa and Google toolbars are both free and customizable to individual needs.  Each toolbar also contains a pop up blocker to further enhance your browsing.

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