Top 5 Internet Marketing Blogs in 2012

Top 5 Internet Marketing Blogs in 2012

Internet marketing is learned by doing but it could also be learned or rather, harnessed by means of reading. Throughout the years, we have seen an incredible wealth of marketing blogs that definitely helped in shaping opinions and ideas regarding marketing per se and the still growing entity which is internet marketing. Here are some of the most popular Internet marketing blog options that readers might want to take advantage of as well as employees in marketing firms around the globe:

Search Engine Land & Search Engine Watch

These two Internet marketing blog options is basically a mix of latest news input regarding search engine related news as well as general marketing and SEO information and features as well as editorial regarding pressing issues or trending topics in the internet marketing-dom. Search Engine Land on its own has more than 35,000 fans on Facebook, making it one of the most prominent source of information regarding optimization news and online marketing in general. It is also a great venue for many marketers and interested parties to comment and interact on different topics and news as well as opinions.

Chris Brogan’s Blog

A New York Times Best Selling Author, Chris Brogan has been in the business of advertising, blogging and business development for more than 10 years and counting. His blog, aptly named after him, is an interesting and enjoyable read for many on the web. In fact, his readers are close to 80,000, maybe even more. His most popular posts are basically focused on blogging and he has extensive tips on taking advantage of blogs for personal reasons, for business reasons and for many other reasons that you can think of. Definitely a must read for passionate marketers and blog owners out there.

Copyblogger blog

The company’s blog is a great example of what an Internet marketing blog should look like on a business point of view. It should sincerely offer information and ideas to readers beyond their product. A blog allows readers to interact and to be closer to the company if they offer some sort of value. The information that you can find here are very straight forward. These are mostly tips and guides that may seem simplistic but the insights are doable and really worth the read. The blog focuses more on writing, which is very ideal for SEO and copywriting experts who want to get new insight, some fresh ideas and more inspiration to do their jobs effectively without losing passion and direction.

Social Media Examiner

This is one of the top marketing blogs (AdAge). The site is very insightful especially in terms of specific topics and tricks to help social media experts and online marketers in general. The site normally posts insightful tips about social media, such as adapting to various changes, tips on protecting content, streamlining social media strategies and more.

These Internet marketing blog options are just some of the many brilliant sources of information and insight that you can find on the blogosphere. It is necessary to be aware of what experts are saying. It does not mean you have to follow them but knowledge in internet marketing is definitely power.

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